[Poll] Which code editor do you use the most?



-.- Html is a language not a code editor... -.-

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I'm a huge Eclipse fanboy, mainly because I work with Java a lot! It feels really nice and I love the convenience of the interface!


I use Brackets for web development stuff because it can push the results directly to a browser also in html if you type something like a starting h1 element, it does the ending one for you. I also can't believe that Brackets is that popular! Check it out here if you haven't already.


I use Notepad++ for windows. Sublime Text looks interesting but it's not free (You can download it for free but then it doesn't stop bothering you to pay because it's an unregistered version)


I use;
Visual Studio
Sublime Text

-Well really because I think a programmer should need to be able to adapt and learn how to use multiple IDE's aswell as adapt to languages.
but WHY?
-Haven't found my suit yet...
therefore I try all to find out. In the mean time I use all of them and will keep using them as long as there's something to learn from it. :slight_smile:


I have recently started using caret. Works well.

Places to code

Can you post the link for that? I want to see it.



It's designed for chrome/chrome OS

here it is anyway



My editor isnt listed: TextPad


I program mostly in HTML, and use notepad to do it, then view it in the browser, and looks awesome.


Lol for C++, Visual Studio is the best if you are building a project with many libaries.. otherwise if it is a small project, then Code::Blocks can do the job


How can you tell what kind of code editor something is?


@williamwallacef13 When you launch a program, it should have it's name underneath or beside the icon, or you can look at the title bar on the very top.

For example, my browser's title bar looks like this:

And my current primary code editor's title bar looks like this:



That would explain why I couldn't find what type of code editor Xcode uses; it uses it's own :slight_smile:


In that case, I use Xcode's text editor the most; it is my favorite as well.


@williamwallacef13 Haha, oh OK :slight_smile:



Do you have a theme on brackets? They don't work for me.


@printcoder_eric I've tried a few, but never been able to find a dark one I like. They work fine for me, though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


But I've got a question. Is Atom cross-platform?



I found out how to do it. I only downloaded the theme, but I didn't go view>themes. I now use the OSX Style - Flat & Dark theme.