[Poll] Which code editor do you use the most?



Seeing which code editors people use most is always interesting, so here's a poll for everyone to see what's most popular here with Codecademy users :)

Which code editor do you use the most?

  • Web based (Cloud9, collabedit, etc.)
  • Brackets
  • Atom
  • Sublime Text
  • Notepad(++)
  • Terminal based (Vim, Vi, Nano, etc.)
  • Netbeans
  • Visual Studio
  • Eclipse
  • Other (please name it below)


Thanks for voting!

Unfortunately, I'm not able to edit the poll to add in your favorite code editor, but please still let me know if it's not listed above :)
Oh, and this is not meant for online playgrounds such as CodePen or JSFiddle - I consider them different than code editors, even though they technically are one :)

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[Poll] Which code editor(s) do you use the most?
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I mostly program in Java, and I use the IntelliJ IDEA IDE to write my code. Therefore, I suppose that would be the 'editor' I use more, though strictly it is more than an editor.

I suppose the most common text editor I use for, say, scripting languages would be Atom or Notepad++ (I interchange.)


Eclipse, but thats for Java not making a website. Plus i have to use it for school.

Can you add Cocos2d-x ? Its a game development IDE


@amanuel2 I'd be happy to add it if I could, but Discourse locks a poll after the first five or so minutes to prevent changing something good to something bad that could cause problems.


Ok! Sorry for bothering you!


i picked other and i just use notepad...


@amanuel2 No worries, I'd be happy to add it in if I could :)

@dilbertron Thanks for letting me know! I didn't consider that some people might use Notepad, rather than Notepad++. Mainly because I hear so much about Notepad and so little about Notepad++ :)


Hello I would like to cast my vote for notepad++. The class that I am currently in: Introduction to the Internet uses this editor. It is free and customizable, so much so that it is possible to mimic the code academy color scheme. This little tid-bit may help those that are much more visual in nature with their learning habits.


Notepad++ fan here. Been a fan for years. I also use GVIM and VIM but feel most comfortable with Notepad++. PyNPP FTW!


Where's ed?

It is terminal based but it deserves its own poll choice!

Ed is the standard! :smile:


@denisaltroy Find me two people who use that (one of them can be you) and I'll include it if I can :slight_smile:


I actually started to love :love_letter: Sublime Text! Its the best! Mainly because of those plugins! (Like the plugin where you can code multiple lines in one keyboard!!)


Really surprised I'm the only one so far to use Eclipse! Do use Notepad++ for anything non Java related though :slight_smile:


Not only one *Uhum** Me *Uhum :smile:


html any day so wait am i the only one who does that


-.- Html is a language not a code editor… -.-

Resources for self-taught programmers

I’m a huge Eclipse fanboy, mainly because I work with Java a lot! It feels really nice and I love the convenience of the interface!


I use Brackets for web development stuff because it can push the results directly to a browser also in html if you type something like a starting h1 element, it does the ending one for you. I also can’t believe that Brackets is that popular! Check it out here if you haven’t already.


I use Notepad++ for windows. Sublime Text looks interesting but it’s not free (You can download it for free but then it doesn’t stop bothering you to pay because it’s an unregistered version)