POLL: What programming language would you most like to learn in 2019?

Please vote for the programming language you most like to learn in 2019. This could be a language that you do not know at all or one for which you have only a very basic understanding, but would like to know in greater depth. After you have voted, feel free to discuss why you would like to learn that language or comment on what other users have posted. If you chose “Other (None of the languages listed here)”, let us know what that preference was and why.

  • C
  • C++
  • C#
  • Go
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Objective-C
  • PHP
  • Python
  • R
  • Ruby
  • SQL
  • Swift
  • Visual Basic
  • Other (None of the languages listed here)

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You snuck that one in, didn’t you? JK

Would one wonder if an option were included to continue learning the following languages? Or is this question about which language to explore next?


Hi @mtf,

It is aimed at what language users would most like to study on a time scale of approximately the coming year. However, if someone would like to add a poll regarding what languages users already know and plan to continue to study, someone could create a poll with that question, and enable each user to specify multiple choices.


Def More than one. Hoping to learn Java, Python, and Js.


Dart which isn’t listed here.

As I stated on the Python TIOBEX Programming Language of 2018 Topic, I am looking forward into Dart whose syntax is like Typescript (or ECMAScript 6/7) but developed by Google along with their applications for Mobile/Web/Server Apps.

Probably I will make a post about comparison between them as soon as I gain more experience and knowledge about it :slight_smile:


I chose PHP since I know some knowledge about web, but haven’t leaned it yet!


I chose Python because of how popular it seems to be.


I chose JavaScript because I haven’t learned it yet here.


For me it will be a year of Java.


Since I have interest in app development any language to learn app development would be cool for me ,e.g. ionic ,nativescript ,sencha etc… :smiley:


Java Script which is considered as the best programming language to learn for beginners.


I am interested in Python.


Seems like most users want to get into Python this year. I started getting into python around mid 2018 cause I heard all the buzz surrounding it. I like how simple it is although there are times where I mistakenly over code it cause of my habits with Java’s syntax. Python is easy and fun so yea, that’s why I want to get into it this year.


malikolabiyi for me python is quite simple because I started with java as my first language. For instance, to print a simple line of text in java I would type: System.out.println(“hello world”); whereas with python I would type: print(‘hello world’)

thats a simple example of how python is less code than Java, so yea :sunglasses:


Yes, its a simple programming language. CSS, however, is web which is different and not compatable to each other. I would also say that Python is simple overall because like what @kenjibaby8177778929 said you save yourself a lot of effort with more commands than that one.


Simplicity is really really fluid. Html is simple but could be complicated.

Simplicity can only really be measured in terms of what the language can do, Therefore Python is not that simple, But not as complicated as C or C++ or C# or even Java.

CSS and JS can be just as complicated as C++ (IMHO) depending on what you want to build.

In terms of Raw Syntax, like a coder would use, @kenjibaby8177778929 is correct.


The voting is now closed. We hope you learned the language of your choice in 2019.

Keep on learning in 2020!