[POLL] What inspired you to become a programmer? (Your Goal !)

Hey guys !

I was wondering what is your aim or inspiration as a programmer !
If you guys could comment what inspired you to be a programmer would be great.

Why are you a programmer / studying to become a programmer ?

  • Fun !
  • Money
  • Make a app that makes you a billionaire
  • Just love programming
  • Other (comment below)

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How much time do you spend coding/programming ?
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All of the above. :wink:


I started because I was fascinated with Computers. :slightly_smiling:


Wow thats also part of my inspiration,

I love technology, coming from a family(my parents) are really not technology people when I started now they now much more, but basically I had to do research and find out how to setup and work things on my own. And thats how I DISCOVERED I loved working with computers, I decided to make a website once and I stumbled on webs.com and I made my first website dragging and dropping (#embarrassed) thereafter I learnt that you need to know coding, and I found CodeCademy and everything went up hill from there …


I think 1, 2, 4, and 5 all apply to me, but mainly it’s #4 (“Just love programming”) that applies to me.

I started on JavaScript at Codecademy after hearing that a friend was learning to code and winning contests (I think that part may have been embellished a little lot, I don’t know that he’s ever even been in a programming contest), and I was like “Hey, I should check that site out!”.
I got started on JavaScript, and I loved it. I could make popups (alert(), confirm(), & prompt()), I can make games with logic in them, and all that type of stuff.

Then, I moved on through the rest of the courses, Ruby, then HTML/CSS, then all the rest. I also started making my own simple webpages, they looked pretty bad, but still - I was learning and am a lot better now :slight_smile:


Haha, really? I made one of my first websites on there, too! It’s nothing to be embarrassed about :smile:


@zainabrawat @zystvan

If it’s confession time,
then I too, like three years ago made a drag-and-drop website.
I honestly thought it was pretty good. Until I learned what HTML is.
Now I just laugh about it! :joy:


same with me I was raving to my dad about it asking if he wants a website for his company lol…
I don’t feel ashamed anymore I’m not the only one :smile:


my oldest brother told me about it and i started from there also i have it to do for extra credit #homescooled


I had to learn a tiny bit of code when I self-published some fiction. I liked it, but had a decent full time job, so figured to learn more later as a hobby.
In the past eighteen months my RL job skills as a samplemaker/designer in the fashion industry swiftly became obsolete and I had to decide whether I wanted to learn the new technical way of drafting my designs or learn something completely different. After a long career in the manufacturing end of the fashion business, I’ve decided a second career is in order.
I love to learn new things, and am always designing/creating stuff, and after some investigation thought web developing might work for me. As a newbie I must say that learning code is fun, but I really need to brush up on my typing skills. : )


Ha, I spent the last 3 months dragging and dropping to make my weebly site and I thought I did a great job. Just four days of learning code and I’m all ready imagining how I’ll build it better. key word… imagining. : )


Don’t worry you will achieve it soon :slight_smile:

You doing HTML & CSS?


Yes… and with this forum’s help just figured out how to access my css stylesheet. So today I can start practicing styling my html practice page. I woke up really happy! :grin:


Thanks for asking, Zaina!

I had a long career in GIS, making maps with proprietary software, in which you can use Python to script processing steps. It always seemed very interesting, but I never had time to take a deep dive in it. I left my mapping job of ten years in November and quickly decided to join the revolution sweeping the globe, and use my natural geeky skills in data management and visualization to become a web developer!

I was briefly enrolled in a web dev boot camp at General Assembly and among the tech skills I was learning, it was clear that networking with other developers is a huge part of becoming more effective at coding. This is my favorite part, and I’m able to extend the explorations I’ve done into coding and relationship I’ve made in meetups and mapping gatherings to the web dev field. So cool!

I’m really humbled and amazed at how many resources there are out there to support learning! I started with CodeAcademy and now there’s no looking back!

I want to help wire up the nervous system of the planet, assist in visualizing problems so we can solve them faster, provide people with that “aha!” moment by presenting information in new ways, and generally get involved with the amazing, creative, and world-changing evolution taking place. Oh, and making a little more money than the nonprofit salary I had for ten years is appealing too!


I will go for Point 3! :joy: :joy:

Oh, ok, it was just for fun that I started programming. Really not to become a billionaire! :wink:


You’re welcome thanks for sharing in your journey!

[quote=“gaurangtandon, post:15, topic:29488”]
Really not to become a billionaire! :wink:
[/quote] You got me there! Same story :slight_smile:


I’d say all of the above! Hahaha!

In all seriousness though, I wasn’t able to finish my studies and it’s difficult to go back to school while also working night shift.

Thankfully, I discovered Codecademy! :grin:


actually all of them. to make money in the future AND as a hobby because I love computers any way so I thought it should be fun (and it is!)


My brother inspired me as he is currently doing his masters degree in computer science. And after trying it out here at codecademy it seems to be really fun :smile:


I’ve grown up surrounded by computers but never really got into programming itself until I worked at a trade union archive a while back. I found that the entire workflow of the place was tragically and painfully inefficient to the point that I had to learn programming or go mad :scream:

I started off with basic batch scripting, found that I loved how fun it was, how easy it made my job, and how amazingly fast it made me look at work :smirk:.

After that I discovered Codecademy and haven’t looked back since!


I started with that too! Back then, I thought websites were made by platforms such as Weebly, Web or Wix but then, I got interested on exploring deeper the function of websites so I learned how to code. I got hooked by how it was incredibly easy and powerful it works. For the moment, I know HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and SQL. I’m currently taking the Ruby course and hope to learn Java and Python (these languages seem very popular) because I think it’s useful to know a bit of every language (of course, I don’t plan on learning every of them). I think the fourth option suits me (even though the first one does too!) because I’m not using to earn money (even though I plan to) just to learn to program and help everyone around. I’m still a highschooler (even though my parents think I’m too young for learning to code) procrastinating time on programming and helping others out.:wink: