[Poll] Artificial Intelligence

**Will artificial Intelligence be beneficial to us? **

  • Yes

  • No

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I gave it a "Yes", but that up vote merits qualification. If we implement artificial intelligence well, it will provide us with tremendous benefits. But history tells us that powerful technologies can also have adverse unintended effects, even while they offer us benefits.

Consider nuclear fission as a case study. It has offered us electricity, accidents, and war, all within a lifetime. It may also have served as a deterrent against war, which owes its power to the fear that it creates, and even just that facet of the issue is complex and quite enigmatic.

As artificial intelligence approaches and exceeds human intelligence in capability, it may accelerate its own development, and outpace our ability to understand it. It would be in our best interest to consider, carefully, the values and goals that we program into it. Machines do what we tell them to do, but we often think we have told them one thing, while a literal interpretation of our code has, in reality, told them to do something else.


Laughed so hard when I saw the results… So true.


This is why I said NO.

Consider this TED Talk with Max Tegmark.

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