Point me in the right direction


Greetings All,

I am in the process of building something and it has been years since I coded anything. I spent a year in undergrad studying Computer Science but all of my courses revolved around C. In highschool the only language anyone was prepared to instruct on was pascal. Needless to say, I have barely dabbled in HTML.

My hope is to outline my goal here and have someone point me in the best direction to achieve what I need done.

I need a basic page that can do some data base cross checking.
I want hosts to be able to enter their hos number (X) and a likely members member number (Y) into 2 fields on a web page. I want my site to then take both X and Y and store them with a date/time stamp and simultaneously check a data field to determine if member Y is in a valid membership state with a basic TRUE or FALSE value. If returned true, display validity and success to the user and if false.... you get the picture.

I already have domain hosted with google and just need an idea for my next steps.

Thanks in advance for any input/guidance!


This very little to do with html, the only html + css thing here are a form with input fields and a submit button, and the webpage self.

For the rest, it seems you need a server side language (php + sql) for example. I think that will do nicely for your purpose

If you want to do this without a page reload, you are going to need ajax to send the data to the server, and fetch data


stetim: Thanks for the input. Like I said... starting from scratch here.

That being said. Would I be better off, cost effective wise, purchasing a server tower and running it out of my home or paying a monthly subscription to google for a SQL cloud server that I could program remotely?


Well, i think renting would be cheaper, renting a server is pretty cheap this days. A tower would take a huge amount of electricity, plus, if your website would grow, i doubt your network speed is good enough, or do you have have a really fast network?