Poetry project lesson

Your boss at the Poetry organization sent over a bunch of author names that he wants you to prepare for importing into the database. Annoyingly, he sent them over as a long string with the names separated by commas.

Using .split() and the provided string, create a list called author_names containing each individual author name as it’s own string.

Checkpoint 2 Passed


Great work, but now it turns out they didn’t want poet’s first names (why didn’t they just say that the first time!?)

Create another list called author_last_names that only contains the last names of the poets in the provided string.

this how i went about mine.

authors = “Audre Lorde,Gabriela Mistral,Jean Toomer,An Qi,Walt Whitman,Shel Silverstein,Carmen Boullosa,Kamala Suraiyya,Langston Hughes,Adrienne Rich,Nikki Giovanni”

author_names = authors.split(’,’)


names = [name.split() for name in author_names]


this is for the second one.

author_last_names = [last_name[-1] for last_name in names]


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thanks so much