Poetry Functions help needed



I need some help. I could not upload files for some reason. The instructions tell me to “Start with functions that don’t call any other functions; this will allow you to test them right away” okay then what? I looked at examples on line & this is much harder compared to my other assignments. Please help I don’t know where to start I read the instructions but I don’t know how to approach this assignment.

Poetry_functions.py: https://repl.it/X3G/8281

Poetry_program.py: https://repl.it/X3G/8291

Poetry_reader.py: https://repl.it/X3G/8301

Test_check_syllable_counts.py: https://repl.it/X3G/8311

Test_last_phonemes.py: https://repl.it/X3G/8321

I am required to submit these files: poetry_reader.py

Principles: To avoid getting overwhelmed, deal with one function at a time. Start with functions that don’t call any other functions; this will allow you to test them right away. The steps listed below give you a reasonable order in which to write the functions.
For each helper function that you write, start by adding at least one example call to the docstring before you write the function.
Keep in mind throughout that any function you have might be a useful helper for another function. Part of your marks will be for taking advantage of opportunities to call an existing function.
As you write each function, begin by designing it in English, using only a few sentences. If your design is longer than that, shorten it by describing the steps at a higher level that leaves out some of the details. When you translate your design into Python, look for steps that are described at such a high level that they don’t translate directly into Python. Design a helper function for each of these high-level steps, and put a call to the helpers into your code. Don’t forget to write a great docstring for each helper!
Since you are required to write unittests for last_phonemes and check_syllable_counts, write those tests before or as you write the functions themselves. That way you can execute the unittests to test the code you are writing.


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