Poem fiasco

I am working on the git course and I’m experiencing an issue with the first step.
-The file road-not-taken.txt doesn’t look right at all! Perhaps a rival poet snuck in and changed it while you were getting coffee. Good thing you’ve been committing often.

** Checkout the HEAD version of road-not-taken.txt to discard changes made to the working directory.*
** Close and re-open the file to see the result.*

this is the first step. I used the line of code git checkout HEAD road-not-taken.txt while on a different file but when I enter the code it does not work as it should, it does not take away the word blah from every place that it is.

this is what it looks like before any coding:

but it is not supposed to have the word blah at all

Is that after closing and reopneing that particular file? Do you have a link to the lesson itself?
*bounced this into get-help git

it is after closing and reopening the particular file.

here is a link:

I figured out the problem

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