Podcast Recommendation Software

I created a podcast recommendation software in python. The data is stored in a HasMap. The different genres are the keys and different values are stored in lists. The program takes one letter as input and searches for all the available genres matching that list. Then gives the option to show all the podcasts saved for the given genre. The program allows to search again for as long as the user wants.

In retrospect a HashMap was the wrong choice of data structure. The condition for this exercise was that you should be able to find your keys given a one letter input. That is a problem because of the hash function. So I ended up using a separate list with the keys in order to search the options.


Consider tries: Trie - Wikipedia

But also this is just word searching. Recommendation would be closer to: given a particular user’s taste, what other genre are they likely to enjoy? That’s more of a machine learning project.

Thanks for the feedback, I will try it. Machine learning is too advanced for me a the moment :wink: