Plz Hep! "let's not get too selfish"


I have been stuck on this for what seems like forever now! I have no idea why it is not working I would be soooo grateful if someone would help - thanks in advance :blush:


Hi Rachel,

Before and after init there should be 2 _, not just 1.

Also, you seem to have two of these lines:

class Animal(object):


Yes I realised that I had two of those lines and fixed it. I never realised there had to be two _, that will make a big difference I think! Thank you so much for your help


Ok, so I have altered the init part of the code and now I get the above error message. What have I done wrong? @albionsrefuge


See how __init__(self, name) is expecting a name?
The error is telling you that you should put a name in when you call the function on line 4.


Just realised what I had done wrong as you had replied. I have no idea what I was thinking with that last line!


I have changed the code and now passed the exercise thank you once again for your help @albionsrefuge