PLZ help!


File "python", line 3
def by_three(number)
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

def cube(number):
    return number ** 3
def by_three(number)
    if number == 3:
        return cube(number)
        return False


Your problem is that you didn't use a colon on this line

to introduce the beginning of a function.
Additionally, the logic of your program is wrong.

should actually be if number % 3 == 0
because you're checking for divisibility, not if the number is equal to three.


Thank you. Tbh i didn't know how to determine if a number is divisible by something so thank you.


To check if a number is divisible by something, you first need to know the definition of divisible. It means to be able to be divided by another number without a remainder left over. This means that you need to check if the remainder is 0, right? To do this, you use the modulus/modulo operator, %, and what it does is returns the remainder.
Where 10 / 2 is 5, 10 % 2 is 0.
It's actually a mathematical operator that uses division that we don't see much of.
Other examples are 10 % 3 is 1 because 1 is left over.
I hope this helps! We use modulus often in programming.


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