Plz help

I’m new in programing and I’m really so in love with it … which languge i do need to learn first as a start if i want invent a robot one day .

thank u.


Hi there, welcome to the forums.

One suggestion would be Python, because it’s easy to pick up but also thanks to things like CircuitPython it can be applied to a variety of uses.

(I offer CircuitPython as an example, as it’s designed to allow you to use Python to program microcontrollers…)

Python is a very good one to learn. As @thepitycoder said, it can be used in a very wide range. Knowledge of Python will also allow you to use your computer to a fuller extent, by writing your own programs to assist you, or creating a bot like Alexa to run your computer when you are away. With the import of modules, which are add-ons you can customize GUI’s, process data, or even make games.

Another good thing to learn is web developement, mainly HTML CSS and JavaScript.
HTML and CSS are easy to learn and can be used for more than just the web, such as visual documents.

Deciding what you want to learn how to do will greatly effect which language you want to use. And after trying a few languages, you may develop a like for a particular one and specialize in that. :grinning:

I suggest you learn HTML because it is the basis for many other languages. It is easy and very fun to learn.

Better question is what do you want to do. Do you want to build web games and webpages or do you want to learn business logic and do lots of math for science stuff. If the answer is the first you should learn html, css, javascript,php. if you want to number crunch learn python or C#. Python from a programming perspective of someone who started trying to learn C# first. Python is much easier and I actually figured out C# better by learning Python. So I highly recommend Python as a first beginner language.