Plz help!

Hi. Im new at this. i get stuck on this exercise and don’t know how to pass it.

what should i do?

Ok if it is written correctly the 2. line should have already done the job. Maybe reset the page and try again or visit the different folders with cd and look with ls (list) what is inside of them in your case the cleopetra.txt file should be inside of historical.

i tried what you said but it does the same thing

Ok rereading the task you seem to be in the wrong folder. enter pwd (print working directory) to see in which folder you are, then go to the drama folder and from there you need to execute the cp command.

PS: could you post a link to the exercise?

PPS: in the 2 screenshot you list drama but you need to go to historical and list the stuff there.

PPPS: Sry for all the confusion your first approach wasn’t that bad but you wrote notorius instead of notorious… Also if this is a real shell you can use tab for auto completion which might come in handy to see if these files exist.

omg i’m so stupid. thank you !