Pls, is there any app that can be used to write code offline

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Depending upon what language you wish to program in offline, you will need a runtime interpreter/compiler and an editor environment. The exception to this would be JavaScript which is built in to every browser. All you need is a text editor and a browser.

Write code in the text editor, save it to a folder, and invoke it in the browser. This could be done by writing an HTML page with a SCRIPT element that loads your .js script, or by simply pasting your code into the JavaScript console. To paste a number of functions and statements all at once, wrap it all inside a code block.

    // bunch of code

paste and hit enter.

pls, i’m newbie to programming, can you elucidate more

can i save the programming i learnt in codecademy to my pc

This is something you ought to be googling.
There are many articles/threads/whatever already discussing how to edit code. There’s nothing to add, not unless you have some very specific question (and even that might not belong here if it’s specific to some program other than a language implementation itself)
Google/similar is your first stop for a whole lot of information, nobody remembers all this stuff to the point where we’re all really gimped without an internet connection. Our memory serves as a cache for most recently/frequently used. The rest is found elsewhere.

I don’t mean that you should be stuck, but there’s no answer that comes to mind here, only the question of what stops you from finding out yourself. (You’d need to share more information about what’s stopping you so that others can understand the situation in and be able to answer with something relevant instead of guessing)

You might be able to Save Page As, but be sure to give it a name that matches the lesson. For best organization, create a new folder for each unit and put it all in a folder with the name of the course.

Another option is to copy the lesson and your code and paste it into a text document which would be saved similar to above.

As for what you have learned, that would be something for you to document separately, along with related coding experiments.

In less words:

  1. what you ask shouldn’t be googleable
  2. be specific, ask directly for what you want to know and expect no further elaboration – if you need to know more, ask more