Pls help im stuck at javascript on checking the age



In programming we convert our "command sentences" into a a "code command" that computer can understand, using syntax of programming language.

when It said you to check to put a condition -- > age is less than 13.
You had to convert it into a "code command".

Like if someone said to me write a code command for age is less than 15.

I'd do this...

age < 15

age is our variable that have value of age.
< is our comprator operator.
15 is our limit or say part of condition

Now one more thing...

They asked to console.log() messages inside if and else statements.
It means that depending on condition It will print a message to user. (when your program executes)

for ex..

console.log("I am learning Js");

also I strongly suggest you to revise the whole section again!