Pls Help........ how can i create a style.css file in codeacedemy


I have a problem with on my 6th level on how to create I just wanna know how to create style.css file within the codecademy in The CSS Setup lesson 6th exercise ,so i can link style.css file to index.html file.I just wanna get through this exercise to proceed for further lesson....pls who can guide me???


I'm having the same issue and don't understand how this forum works either...
Did you get an answer or figure it out?

Replace this line with your code.



in that exercise ignore the link tag that is already present there and write another link tag as u had learned .



Yes i will Guide you. Your Problem is very simple. You just want to create CSS file right? so its very Easy.
What ever the tools you have to use notepad++, notepad, sublime etc. Just open a new file and write your CSS into those file and Give Extension .css exa: abc.css

and after created those file you need to linkup with your html code. you just write

         <rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="abc.css">

Divyesh Padamani


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