Plotting Correlation Scatter graphs with Matplotlib

I am hoping to get help with plotting a correlation scatter graph using marplotlib. I am using pycharms and have imported the pandas and matplotlib modules. I don’t seem to find anything that works. I want to plot using data from a data frame imported from a csv file.

There’s a number of tutorials and sample plots in the matplotlib docs-

Maybe try a few out and see if they work, you could then adapt the basic set-up to use the data you have instead.

Thank you. Yea this does work. I also don’t have a lot of data in the data frame so I can input the values manually. But I am trying to find a way to inputting the data from the data frame directly into the plot function. I don’t know how to call the columns from the data frame though. The documentation as far as I can tell also doesn’t show how to doe this.

You could also use Seaborn to plot (it’s based off of Matplotlib).
The x= and y= will be the columns and data= will be the df.

Some examples here:

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