Pln your trip


What did I do wrong rip

Replace this line with your code.


Its Los Angeles not Log Angeles!


thanks that was a stupid mistake


def rental_car_cost(days)
cost= 40 * days
*****During the following if - else portion of your code, you only need if and elif, and they should be followed by cost -= 50/20 (cost minus equal to whatever discount number); you do not need to use the word return. After the elif statement (cost -= 20), on the next line, "return cost", without the quotation marks.

You don't need the first trip_cost code section since it's updated with the following trip_code section.

In the second trip_cost section, it after the def line, it should be "return rental_car_cost(days) + hotel_cost...etc." You don't not the 'return trip_cost' line. The def line is your variable and what you want it to do, the following return line is how this want should be accomplished.

Finally, in your print line, you misspelled "Los".


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