Please update the full stack course

It would be good for you guys to update current course, projects, lessons to fit in with new NPM pacakges,
I’ve been doing the fullstack course on and off for a while to learn new things about web developement and general programing however it seems that there are far to many outdated things on here.
I’d higly reccomend an update to the course to make it relevant in todays tech, it seems daft to have new learners learn something that has changed dramatically or has been depricated, i.e (React has changed and packages that react uses have changed like react router).

If there is a way for this to change ASAP then it should be done otherwise people will finish the course and try get jobs to be turned down when the employer says they need to come back when they can use up to date packages and frameworks etc.

I am almost begging here when I ask this as learning on codecademy is a reallly nice way to learn and get going but I just cant bring myself to complete the course just to say ive done it when it is outdated. :frowning:

So please update outdated things and this :frowning: will become this :slight_smile: