Please review the Streak score

Hello all,

I’ve just discovered the Streak score system and, although it could be a nice feature, I personally think that is not well done for the following reasons:

  • I have a weekly study plan which does not include daily activity on Codecademy. For this reason, even if I study 5 days a week (20/mo), I always get a low score. It’s not fair.

  • For the reason above, I don’t like to display that number on my public profile and there is no way to hide it, at least I didn’t find one.

I think a good way would be a cumulative way or give the option to hide it.

I suspect that, as you have a formal study plan where you’re putting in consistent effort on a schedule of your own devising, that you’re not the “target audience” (for lack of a better phrase) for the streak system.

At the end of the day, as best as I can tell it’s a metric whose intrinsic value is effectively nil. If that streak is something you care about, you’re giving it value and it becomes important but it isn’t important on its own. If you care about some other aspect of the learning experience here, you’re placing that value elsewhere and the streak is not as important - if it even matters at all.

If you have taken the time to not only create a formal study plan, but also stick to it, and that’s working then I’d ask whether there’s any additional value to be gained by chasing a streak. If you’re retaining the information, and are able to apply it beyond the lessons here, then what you’re doing is clearly working for you so why change that in pursuit of the streak?

In short, I guess what I’m saying is: that “streak” is a number, and it matters only as much as you make it. If you personally ascribe value to it, and it’s a meaningful incentive to you to learn here and keep working on the material then that’s great - it’s helping you along, and everyone learns differently.

If not, then really it’s just a number so why worry about it.

It’s not, nor will it ever be in my opinion, a meaningful representation of either your ability to write code or your commitment to learning the material. :+1:


I mean, my intention was not opening a debate about the Critique of Pure Reason. I’m saying that the streak is a dumb metric how it is now because it’s publicly displayed on profiles and doesn’t represent any real score about the user.

If it doesn’t matter, why you made it? Why you put a flame as icon? You’re giving it a meaning, in first place. My guess is that you wanted a mechanism pushing users to daily use Codecademy for marketing purposes. This works good to me but make it smarter, at least.

Further, yes, people usually pay for learning (Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Codecademy) also to build a professional profile, otherwise stackoverflow, linkedin, quora, github and other thousands of professional social networks wouldn’t be so popular: you study to learn AND to get credited later on. It is also what you promote in your marketing campaigns.

So yes, if I share my Codecademy profile with some colleague, or a recruiter, the streak metric matters in this context, just like my Linkedin, Stackoverflow or GitHub.

Then, I’m sure that the glass is half full and we are living in a virtual world but I’m expecting these arguments at the Philosophy café, on wednesday evenings, not here.

I phrased it differently, but I happen to agree with you.

I couldn’t personally care less about whether that streak on my profile says 1 or 1000, but some people may be trying to learn whilst also being time-poor and that streak - or the mild jeopardy of losing it, perhaps - could serve as incentive to encourage people to come here and spend 10 or 15 minutes learning a new skill instead of turning on the TV for the sake of it.

Why should my indifference towards it result in a potentially positive incentive being denied to other learners? I’m no more important than anyone else, and if chasing/maintaining a streak provides encouragement to other learners then what’s the harm - especially when ignoring it won’t do me any?

We’re back to the concept of whether that feature has any value for the end user…

I didn’t make it. I don’t work for Codecademy. I’m a user of this site, same as you.

My guess would be that it’s a visual play on the phrase “hot streak”.

I personally know many people who have learnt, or are still learning, new skills simply for the joy of learning or because they found the subject matter interesting. I’d be amazed if there aren’t, amongst all the learners using Codecademy, any people who match that description.

Naturally there are also many people, like yourself, who are here to learn because it’s a means to a new/better job or career, or because they want to add skills to their résumé.

Neither impetus is wrong, nor more valuable than the other, and the imperative for the people behind Codecademy is I imagine to make both the site and the material taught here as open, accessible and educational as possible for everyone. Which brings me back to my earlier point, of:

Why should my indifference cause a potentially positive incentive to be denied to other learners?

Of the collective body of data that would represent, I wouldn’t say that in context the “streak” metric carried much weight compared to other available data in that set - such as how many pull requests you’ve had accepted on GitHub, the number of accepted answers you’ve got on StackOverflow, or the number of recommendations you’ve gained from former colleagues/employers/subordinates on LinkedIn.

Your implication seems to be that having that streak be zero would single you out for derision from a boss or colleague, or cause you to be denied employment, yet you seem to recognise that it’s not really that important in the grand scheme of things:

If you’ve been able to discern that, really, the streak doesn’t say much about whether you’re any good at coding, why are you so convinced that a colleague or tech recruiter wouldn’t also arrive at the same conclusion?

You made a statement of opinion, I’m presenting an alternative viewpoint. We are, after all, on a discussion forum.

You are, however, correct and this is ultimately all academic - the Codecademy team may opt to introduce a mechanism to hide the streak from your profile, or they may not.

My opinion remains unchanged: that the streak is of subjective value and that if other users are deriving a positive benefit from it then super, if not then it can be ignored (as I am already doing) with no detriment.



I apologize, I thought Super Users were related to the company.

Negative. The world isn’t black and white. I’m saying that professional social networks have this purpose: showcase, networking and building trust (largely generated by points, rates, numbers, and so on). Tons of academic studies out there. I accept also the hypocrisy whom say the contrary, it’s a free world.

Negative. Entering a pure pseudo-scientific reading, you probably know well that in statistics exists quantitive and qualitative data, answering 2 kind of questions. The Streak is:

  • a quantitative number: mere number of days you’re active (answering > how many?);
  • made qualitative: flame icon > perceived as “Hot” (answering > why?).

It’s a hybrid metric because should be subjective but it’s objectified. The subjectivity is own only by Codecademy which doesn’t give the option to hide or customise label and/or number. Different was the case whether the number would be visible only if > 0.

I get the need to generate hype but that’s what I’m raising with “Please review the Streak score”, to contribute and try to improve the network in a balanced way.

I’m not following up the other answers you gave, I respect your opinions even if I mostly disagree with them. Thanks for your time.

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Sorry to interject, just had a quick comment…

Why does it matter? No employer is going to look at your CodeCademy profile and say “Ah! This man has a 100-day streak. Therefore, I will hire him.” If you completely ignored the streak, what difference would it make? I don’t exactly understand what you’re getting at.

No, not really. That’s like saying if I shared my Duolingo account with my employer, they would care how many days I stayed active.

(going back further)
So what you’re saying is, if you’re not good at something then you should hide it? I think (if you’re right and the employer actually does care about the streak) that that would be more dishonest right? Or are you calculating on the fact that the guy giving you a job hopefully doesn’t have a codecademy account of his own?

Anyways, this is what it looks like you’re saying. Tell me if I’m completely misunderstanding :smiley:

I’m not answering, point by point, I think I gave enough explanation of what I meant. Again, I think you are misunderstanding the purpose of this conversation and the things you’re referring to were just examples. But in general:

  1. Yes, a user should be completely able, to customise (show or hide) all the information about itself on a social network or public learning platform, especially qualitative data. Then, I can share with my employer, my sister or the Pope, it doesn’t matter, morality or ethics is not the topic here.
  2. The metric itself doesn’t make sense in any case for the end users, except for Codecademy. See the reasons above.

Lastly, this is the confirmation you got the exact contrary, If I’m very good and constant on studying for instance:

  • Week 1 (Mon - Fri): I study 2 hours after work. Streak 5.
  • Weekend 1 (Sat - Sun): I go out, I enjoy the life. Streak 0.
  • Week 2 (Mon - Fri): I study 2 hours after work. Streak 5.
  • Weekend 2 (Sat - Sun): I go out, I enjoy the life. Streak 0.
  • Week 3 (Mon - Fri): I study 2 hours after work. Streak 5.
  • Weekend 3 (Sat - Sun): I go out, I enjoy the life. Streak 0.
  • Week 4 (Mon - Fri): I study 2 hours after work. Streak 5.
  • Weekend 4 (Sat - Sun): I go out, I enjoy the life. Streak 0.

I mean, I don’t even know what’s the sense of the this score. If I access 2 minutes, I write a line of code, the Streak counts up. So it’s definitely already super fakeable and stupid. JUST TRY TO REVIEW IT.

Hey @huraji!
It seems like this is a personal problem (for example, I would advise skipping “Enjoying the life”), so it doesn’t look like Codecademy (putting it very bluntly) would care whether you can keep your streak or not.

Here’s the purpose of the streak:

  • it makes users come back to the site
  • it generates learning because if you come back and learn a few things everyday, you’re gonna remember it better
  • (answering your last point) It’s the same as badges on the forums. You can work hard just to get the badges, or you can completely ignore the badges and be like “Oh, that’s cool. I got a badge”. You are taking the “I need all the badges” attitude.

You say that a user should be able to customize what’s on his profile. Let’s talk seriously. I said this in the last post, and I’m gonna say it again. The streak only matters if you make it matter. You alone are the one providing weight to the streak.

Think about it

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Hello @huraji :slight_smile:

This is much valuable feedback, thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will pass this on.

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:


LOL, you are just trolling now and you clearly didn’t read anything of what I wrote. Whatever, try to understand the positive critiques of users though, especially if you are a Beta tester.


Thanks. I appreciate.

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