Please review my project: Life Expectancy and GDP

Hello fellow learners!

This was my second portfolio project and I would greatly appreciate any feedback on it!

You can review it at:
Life Expectancy and GDP

The “.ipynb” file uploaded to GitHub contains everything in one place.
This time, I adapted a slightly different approach. After a brief introduction, I analyze the data and immediately attempt to answer questions while pairing them with visualizations. In the end, there is a short conclusion to wrap it all up.

The Main objective was to analyze the dataset with the knowledge I got from Codecademy Data Analyst Path. It has taken me a few hours, working on it little by little throughout the weekend. The process was much faster now that I’m more familiar with pandas and similar libraries.

I am interested to hear your feedback on the following:

  • are the visuals comprehensive, easy to read and visually appealing?
  • are the conclusions logical?
  • am I missing anything important?
  • am I displaying any bias anywhere?

Can’t wait to hear from you!

Congratulations on completing the project. You put in a ton of effort on this!

Some thoughts:

  • it’s great that you been descriptive with the intro to the data, process (use of comments, A+), and findings. Anyone who isn’t familiar with the data set can easily follow along as you investigate it.

  • I would recommend putting the descriptions of the vizzes in the conclusion portion of the notebook. With the descriptions where they are now, I think it breaks up the EDA flow too much. You can number the visualizations and refer back to them at the end. What do you think? Rather, I think if you were doing a slide presentation then the discussion of those findings is in a good place b/c you’d go point by point of your findings.

  • I like that you mention other factors beyond GDP that would influence life expectancy, including access to healthcare (I’d add affordable health care too).

To answer your specific questions:

It’s up to you. These are just my random thoughts. I hope this helps.

There is more updated data here if you want to do more analysis. (I haven’t done this yet).

Also, something that I thought was cool, this site has an really neat animated data viz on GDP and LEABY.

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Thank you for taking the time to review my project!

In response to your thoughts:

I actually considered including all the descriptions in the conclusion, but for some reason, I didn’t go with that approach. I don’t have a real explanation for my decision. My rationale behind it was to make it different from the first one, as I tend to stick to my comfort zone. However, stepping out of my comfort zone seemed like a good idea. Creating a PowerPoint presentation is certainly a great suggestion, and I plan on doing that once I complete the entire course. I want to fulfill my commitment to the course material.

Thank you for the brainstorming, the updated dataset, and that amazing animated graph!

I will definitely take a closer look at all of them in the near future.


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