Please review my project: Biodiversity in National Parks

I’m back with another completed project!

This was my third portfolio project!
As always, any feedback is greatly appreciated!

You can review it at:
Biodiversity in National Parks

The Biodiversity.ipynb file contains everything, but since some comments and a bit of code get cut when displayed on GitHub, I’ve added a Biodiversity.pdf file which has better scaling. Both are fine to read!

The analysis for this round proved to be challenging and time-consuming. However, I found the process of cleaning the data to be surprisingly enjoyable. It was evident that the data utilized in this analysis was fictional, which posed certain difficulties when it came to drawing conclusive insights. As a result, I invested additional time in thoroughly cleaning the data and exploring suitable analytical methods applicable to such unique data. Despite these challenges, I managed to derive some conclusions, and I am pleased with the progress I feel I am making. I opted not to create a PowerPoint presentation or write a Medium article this time, as I believe that tailoring the presentation to the specific audience is crucial, and I can practice these skills elsewhere.

As I have asked before, I’m interested to hear your feedback on the following:

  • are the visuals comprehensive, easy to read and visually appealing?
  • are the conclusions logical?
  • am I missing anything important?
  • am I displaying any bias anywhere?

Can’t wait to hear from you!

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