Please read this before posting any Javascript questions!

This is just one tip to all of us who are stuck on a javascript code. Please make sure your using chrome. As Javascript im pretty sure isnt installed in Codecademy Server so it wont work if you dont use chrome(some times but good to check). Hope this helped! Have an Awesome Day!

I like Chrome as well as anyone but I don’t agree that you must use it in order to do the JavaScript exercises.

I really don’t understand what you are getting at with that statement.

I meant Server. Sorry not browser.

I’m pretty sure it is.
Also, I edited this post’s title to make it lowercase, only because when it’s in full caps people tend to take that as shouting.

Pull the plug and run it. Easy enough to find out.

But the other common browsers also include JavaScript interpreters and I’m guessing the features used are a common subset of all of their implementations, does that match your observations @albionsrefuge?

And if so, then this is all just confirmation bias when the problem was actually solved by refreshing page or typing in different code and attributing the difference in behaviour to changing browser.

I mean, I have this browser that runs from the terminal and it has no built-in JS interpreter, but I wouldn’t be doing Codecademy exercises in it. Going to need JavaScript to load the exercise at all.


I see that a lot. I sometimes recommend trying a different browser and “It works!”. It’s too much trouble to find out if it might have worked with their original browser if they had reset their zoom (CSS courses), disabled all their add-ons, pop-up blockers or any of those other things you suggested. I have 0 data on one browser being more problematic than any other.

@amanuel2 Thinking this over, I can’t come up with a JavaScript exercise that needs a Chrome browser to pass. I haven’t gone through the JavaScript course for quite a while, I would be happy to test any exercises that seem to be problematic.

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Well there are lots of people who had the correct code and i told them to go to chrome and it worked… Try checking out my posts and you will see a lot of them.

That’s the confirmation bias that we are talking about.

Im confused. What are you asking exactly? or stating?

The person changed browsers and “It worked”. That isn’t proof that their first browser wouldn’t have worked if it had been configured differently.

Well your right, but im not talking about proofs here. Im just saying if they use chrome thier is a better probability thier code will be fixed. Since i asked multiple people to do that and it worked…

You would give new coders a better troubleshooting tool if you just said “Try a different browser.”

There are likely Chrome users with settings and extensions that could mess things up too and they would benefit from that advice.

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Other Browsers you can try

  1. Google Chrome

  2. FireFox

  3. Opera

The Codecademy troubleshooting guide recommends a nice site: Browse Happy.

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