Hello, what i want to talk about is formatting your code. Obviously there has been a lot of issues lately on how to post your code.
People tend to post their code like this:


I will explain how to make it neat for us to read it like this:

if (something = something) {
        return true;

Well there are two things to do:

First putting it in code-format

First way to put in code-format

Here we put three brackets ` around the code. Located right above your tab key

More practically you do this , look at how i did it and how it looks in the prieview screen:

Another way of putting in code-format

This one is preety easy, you just select over your code and hit in your keyboard CTRL+SHIFT+C , and it will work :smile: Please dont forget to implement this to your code as it will help us help you.

Second Beautifying your actual code to make it readble

To "Beautify "your code just go to : . And format your code...
You can use too For All HTML,CSS,JS formater

Note: I will repeatedly bump by code up so people can see this before they ask a question. Please dont post here since you will receive many notifications if you do so and i dont want to cause a spam on your account. If you want to add a suggestion to this post, please feel free to PM me about it.

Thankyou for reading and have an awesome day!

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I'd recommend re-doing the second picture and write the text on in a text box, like you did with the first picture, rather than writing it with a mouse. :slight_smile: nice post though!

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Thats because his code worked for me. And the only solution was to refresh and wait time...

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