Please read. HTML/CSS Final Project

Hi Everyone. I launched my first web portfolio live the other day. I’m very excited about that. Overall, I do like the look but I’m sure improvements can still be made. I’m still trying to wrap my head around media query for this specific project. I’m also trying to figure out how to properly set up the URL path for my work images redirect links. Any feedback on that and anything else about the project will help boost some ideas for improvement. Anyways, check it out (

@media query’s are very useful, i would recommend start reading this, it covers col-xs and col-sm for smaller screens, besides col-md which you already learned. This might also give you some insight in the media query’s.

What is the problem with your images? Looks fine

Thanks for the article. Well I plan on using my portfolio for job opportunities. I figured the employer may want to view the source code once they click on one of the images. I browsed through other portfolios as examples and notice they have their own URL paths for their work images rather than codecademy. Is it a necessary functionality to have or can I Ieave it as is?

Yea, it would be nice if you have multiply projects, that your future employer.

You could (given the pages are not dynamic) host them on github? This gives you employers the change to view the website (github pages) and the source code (github itself)

I’m currently learning the building blocks of JavaScript. Is there a quick github tutorial you can recommend?

No, just find a tutorial which fulfills what you need, start here