Please, please, PLEASE include an option to turn off pop ups!

Hi Codecademy, I think you’ve made an amazing site here, and as a first time coder I really appreciate the exercises you’ve set out here. The progression of learning is an amazing motivator!

A far less amazing motivator, however, are the near constant pop-ups in the bottom right hand corner. They happen so frequently I’m starting to dread completing any sort of project because I’ll see YET ANOTHER pop up congratulating me for spelling my name right or tying my shoes in a really expert manner.

While I think you were going for being encouraging, the pop-ups have the opposite effect: since they don’t seem to disappear on their own, I have to stop thinking about what I just learned and click them away. I even took a break from learning to come and complain about them.

I can see I’m not the first to poo poo your pop ups, and I doubt I’ll be the last, so can we please get some sort of indication of whether or not adding the option to hide automated praise is on the cards?

I don’t mind them. I usually just immediately close out the pop up and its not that annoying.

I don’t mind them.

Lucky you! I am envious of your laser-like focus.

Unfortunately it does bother me, and judging by the number of other people making similar threads, I’m not alone, so hopefully Codecademy realises that it’s enough of a distraction to at least give the more distractable members of their community the option to turn them off.

They probably won’t take them out

Ah, that’s a shame. I probably won’t renew my membership then.

you bought a membership?

Absolutely, I enjoyed the format of Codecademy when I first started, and I try to support companies that I enjoy.

I take it you didn’t buy a membership?

well of course i didnt i only need c#