Please nuke autocomplete

The autocomplete feature is really annoying me as it keeps adding brackets when I don’t need them, then I have to delete them and it’s breaking my concentration! How do I turn this off??

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Hi Cassandra

Where are you experiencing this ?


In the Javascript editor! I go to open a bracket, paste some text, but it adds another one automatically and breaks my flow…


Oh okay, yes in JavaScript there’s autocomplete.

There’s no turn off switch as far as I know.
I’ll put it through as a suggestion :slight_smile:


unfortunately, at the moment there is very little customization possible in the codecademy IDE.

you could download your own text-editor (for example vscode), tweak this to your preferences and then copy paste the code into the lesson, as a workaround until something is done with zainabrawat suggestion.


OMG this annoys me to no end, recently back to codeacademy I’m reminded of why I abandoned it years ago and never paid for pro. You’d think after all the complains they would disable this ridiculous autocomplete, it tries to guess what I’m trying to do and gets it wrong more often than not. Additionally it is exactly NOT what you want as a beginner trying to learn the syntax. It is entirely a hindrance rather than help.

It’s very frustrating fixing errors introduced but auto-correction. Still, if it can’t be removed, maybe a new feature could be added to auto-correct errors introduced by auto-correction. Correct me if I’m wrong.