Please Message me When this lesson is Fixed


I liked this lesson, since sass looks very helpful for websites with a large number of classes, but it keeps showing strange error messages. Stuck in 4/9 and 5/9 and had to repeat it again from the beginning.


have the same problem


same problem as well


Likewise. Vexing-- even when I would give up and “Get the code”. The code would be exactly the same as what I’d put in, with maybe a bit more whitespace, and it would still throw errors.


Same problem - bug submitted.


For some reason when you nest all the code related to the class child element correctly inside the class parent element it does not aloud you to go through with the exercises. Any idea how to get through this bug?


25 days after the first complaint, and still the same garbage. Apparently these people are perfectly happy to take our money and sit on their thumbs.


Same issue, please fix!


Looks like a Chrome issue everyone. Works fine in Safari for me.


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