Please make an option to disable the pop-ups "get back to coding" and "get code"

They’re extremely annoying. I can only study while at my work place and in spare time between attending clients. So naturally I have to frequently deviate my attention for some minutes from the course and whenever I go back to it there’s that wretched message.

Also the “get code” one. I have accidentally clicked on that option so many times I’ve lost count.

I think the “get back to coding one” might be to save resources on their end because it disconnects.

But the ‘get code’ thing so so ■■■■■■■ annoying. Every 5 ■■■■■■■ times it provides the option, a tick box of ‘don’t show this again’ or something would be so nice.


Hugo’s right. I forgot about that. “get code” keeps popping up every ■■■■ second. It’s so annoying. Please do something about that.

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YUP. Agreed. It’s definitely buggy too, will open up again within 15 seconds of closing it to ask me if I’m still there or if I want the code. Go away!!!

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The “Having Trouble? Get Code” Is really annoying, usually I just have a typo or something, I don’t want to give up trying right away… It should be optional.

I just wish the “get code” button wouldn’t give you the answers to every step in the exercise. If it’s a multiple step exercise, and I’m having problems right in the middle of it and get the code, it solves the entire exercise, and I have to start over at the beginning in order to do the steps after the place I got stuck.

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Try using the “Stuck ?” “Get a hint” in the right panel where are the exercises. Sometimes they show this, and they will give you a hint, sometimes they will show you directly the code. But, it’s a step by step solution instead of solving all the steps.

This is absolutely right. Even at our quietest we have high tens of thousands of students using our platform at any one time, each of them with their own virtual coding environment – this uses up a lot of resources, and the vast majority of these users are free users. The get back to coding pop-up helps us a great deal with those costs.

With regards to get code it should only show up when you’ve attempted to submit code incorrectly three times. Is it popping up more often than that?

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3 months on and every comment here is complaining about the “get code” pop up after 3 times. People don’t want it. We understand there is an option for help. Besides that being obnoxious while learning something to be given the answer after 3 typos, there should an option to disable it.

I would give you 10 dollars if you can pull up data on how many times that pops up and how many times it is actually used. Everytime it is not used it is something someone doesn’t want to see. It really baffles me there is such a useless thing that wasn’t found useless during testing or seen useless right after deployment.

The “get code” message is motivation-breakingly annoying, so I’ve gone ahead and made a custom AdBlock rule.