Please include separate ways to "Run" and "Submit"

I started using this platform recently and I think it is wonderful. However, I have a couple of suggestions to improve the user experience:

  • When working on a problem, sometime a user might want to run their code before the problem is complete. It is annoying to get a red x and a pop-up. I think it should be possible to run the code separately from submitting the answer. Maybe I’ve missed something?

  • The pop-ups are annoying, in general. There should be a way to disable them or make them go away after a set time. For example, my study goal does not need to be a persistent message. I understand that disappearing messages can be an accessibility issue but perhaps it could be a user preference?

Thanks for your time.

You can edit your goals on your dashboard/homepage:

I was referring to the pop-ups about the goals (and other pop-ups), not the goals themselves.

Oh, you mean something more like Codewars where you can “test” your code before hitting the “submit” button?

Hm, I don’t know about the goals/target pop-ups. Maybe someone will see your suggestion here. I think others have commented on that particular feature too.

Sort of. I realized after I posted that this functionality exists in the practice code challenges, where there can be multiple challenges on a page, but not in the regular lessons.