Please,i need help!



Hey @mohamedmamdouhdoha,

You need to indent the bool_one= True and stuff. I'll show you an example :smiley: :

if 17 < 328:
bool_one = True <---- must be indented

Would look kinda like this:


thanks for replying , but in need the whole code, i get tired from trying,please


In Python indentation is very important, so, for example, when you have conditional statements (like "if x == 7:" the line under the statement has to be indented four spaces.
See below:

if 17 < 328:
    bool_one = True
if 100 == (2 * 50):
    bool_two = True

... and so on. Just add the four spaces to the code you've already written on the lines under the 'if' statements --- it's that simple. Good luck! :smile:


You might be better off using an online Python session to try out code.

This is just one of whole lot of other resources you can try



I'm a bit confused. Here is my code but doesn't work

Could you guys tell me what's wrong?

Many thanks for the help