Please I need help with this JavaScript question

Define a class named Employee .

Your class should have a constructor function that takes in an employee’s name and hourlyWage and sets them as properties with those names. An hoursWorked property should be initialized to 0 .

The Employee class should have a logHours() function that takes in a number of hours worked and increments the hoursWorked property by that amount.

The Employee class should have a generatePaycheck() function that logs to the console the hoursWorked multiplied by the hourlyWage . It should then set the hoursWorked to 0 .

// Define your class below:
class Employee{
constructor(name, hourlyWage){
this._name = name;
this._hourlyWage = hourlyWage;
this._hoursWorked = 0;
get name(){
return this._name;

get hourlyWage(){
return this._hourlyWage;

get hoursWorked(){
return this._hoursWorked;

hoursworked += hours;

console.log(this._hoursWorked * this._hourlyWage);


set hoursWorked(value){
this._hoursWorked = value;

const Tare = new Employee(‘Efe’, 20, 5)
I feel there is something wrong with the hours worked , I do not know how to fix it.