Please help


please tell me the right code
here is my code

// Write your jQuery code on line 3!
$(document).ready(function() {
$target :nth-child(4);

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I cannot find the lesson in 3.Modifying HTML Elements
maybe a read in
== the Book ==

google search
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Hi Ijake,

Problem three in the forum section you posted in is Before and After, and doesn't look like that's the problem you're on. In the future, please try to put your forum questions in the correct location.

Since I can't find the problem you're on, I don't know exactly what it should be, but your problem is on line 2, where you're missing your equal sign (=) to declare a variable, and you aren't using the jQuery selector, which is going to cause problems.
Line 2 should look like this:

$target = $('li:nth-child(4)');

(I may be wrong about having to select li:nth-child(4), but I'll let you figure out what you do need :))