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error messages: Did you interpolate your name and favorite city using ES6 string interpolation?


let myName = “Shavit”;
let myCity = “NY”;
console.log(My name is ${myName}.My favorit city is ${myCity}.);

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Unless you’re using a preprocessor, you’re doing something wrong.

In JS, you declare variables like

var myName = "Jo";

and to use them in something like console.log, you would do

console.log('My name is ' + Jo); 


Hi @shavitn,

You got the error because of spelling error. You need to follow the exact spelling and spacing for the sentence.

Copied from lesson:

My name is NAME. My favorite city is CITY.

Replace NAME and CITY in the values above with the values saved to myName and myCity.

See the bold word, you missed the spelling. And before the second ‘My’, there is a space.

Change that, it should be working and letting you pass.

If you have future question, it is best to provide the link for us next time, I have to manually search for the exercise to know which one you’re asking about. It will be much appreciated.


Note to @rhyscrypto:

It’s a ES6 updated JavaScript syntax, there are quite a few of changes. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the note! I wasn’t aware that the newly updated JavaScript course went by ES6. I should probably redo the courses now that they’re updated.

Thanks again! :slight_smile:


No worries, there’s a lot of changes onto the courses, I hardly manage to keep up with everything too. :grinning:

Side note: and btw happy birthday @rhyscrypto :wink:


Haha thanks!

Does it tell everyone or is it just because you’re a superuser?

also I heard they gave swag to superusers, was it cute? sad day when I realized I almost had it :frowning:


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