Please help with 25.More Variable Practice!


As the title says, I need help with Variable Practice(More Variable Practice to be more specific). Please tell me how to do it!



Hey there! I am also having the same problem and i dont know what i am doing wrong
Have you been able to figure it out?


i just figured it out
Remember console log is surrounded with () so when you find the substring of the variable.. remember to add the ) at the end. Hope this was helpful


Could you give us some more information about your problem and/or post the code that you've already written?


Never mind, I just figured it out. Here's my code:

Here are the things that that you may want to check in your code. It may or may not help you as you did not specify what your problem was and didn't post your code:
1) You have to declare your variable on LINE 3. I had just skimmed the description and declared the variable on line 6.
2)Line 6 is for length of your chosen variable
3)Line 9 is for the substring.
4)Make sure everything is spelled correctly. I had spelled substring as substing and didn't find out until after submitting code 50 times.


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what do you mean skin and declare for the line 3?


u did it wrong u should use the variable u created


thanks- this helped me:grinning:


I want to say that you also have to pay attention how you type because if you do var myCountry = "United States" Make sure you do not put anything else other then the country name of it and make sure it is spelled correctly.


Almost.. As @bitplayer78567 mentioned last year, the idea is to use the created variable, not the same string value. Check his syntax and it should make more sense.


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