Please Help with 24.Variables!


Hello! It's been a wonderful experience on Codecademy, Learning JavaScript. But, in JS, as it turns out, I'm not able to do Variables. Please help! It's in Getting Started with Programming, as I've just started.

Yours sincerely,


// Be careful with the substring's letter positions!
"wonderful day".substring(3,7);

try that, that's how I passed, but im stuck on 20 can you help? since you're on 22 im guessing you passed it :smile:


Oh, thanks! Luckily, I passed before your answer came XDDD lol


Ugh now the 24 thingy is getting on me..


Ok, the 20th one is easy. What its saying is to write console.log with the numbers 14 / 3, 99 / 8, and 11 / 3.
But, replace the '/'s with a percentage sign, like this: %, and write console.log before each on on a different line.


var myName 40;

this is all :smiley:


@objectsolver71374 The variable should be myAge, not myName, and you should console.log() myAge, not40.


I know it's an old topic, but:
to assign a value to a variable you need an equals sign =

var myAge = 40;