Please help, What am I missing here?!

        <label for ="quote">Motivational Quote:</label>
        <input list="quote-choices" id="quote" name="quote" type="text">
        <datalist id="quote-choices">
          <option value="winner gets ice-cream!"> </option>
          <option value="dream on"> <option>
          <option value="everyday is a brand new day"> </option>

Above is what I have for the datalist dropdown option, I just don’t understand why its not showing on the screen with the options. I just see the label and the text box, no option values showing. Please help! Thank you!


There is no text between the option tags? the value attribute is what is used for data processing, see the documentation:


Thank you for your response! I’m still confused because I even watched the “walk through” video for this task, and it shows exactly as what I have up there.

–You may add as many or as few quotes as you’d like! For a <datalist> you do not have to add text within the <option> element since the text will show up twice when rendered.–

This is what it says under the “hint” of this task.

I usually use option, rarely datalist. Looking at the data list documentation:

seems <option> is then self-closing.

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You have a space between for and ="quote" try deleting that space. But if it still doesn’t work I don’t know what to do…