Please help urgently please !11/13 js


come someone please explain to me wtf are they tryingg to teach me in part 11/13. especially the bit it says that "cities,length is equal to 4" what on earth, i swear it dosent , so i must be misunderstanding what they are trying to teach me,


Do you mind posting your code so that we may be able to assist? I'm not sure where your error is occurring.


"cities.length equals to 4" means that the number of elements in the cities array is 4 (length of the array also means the size of the array). Therefore, the loop will run 4 times. The reason why the code doesn't simply state the length/size of the array, such as i < 4, is useful in case you don't know the length/size of your array. Writing it as cities.length will make sure your loop goes through the whole array.
Hope this helps.


oh ok thank you for this information.:smile:


thanks for the help.i understand it now