Please help. There is something wrong with my code


I'm having trouble with this game. When I try to run it, it seems to work fine, but the website says that I must try again and put a break statement after each case. Am I missing a break statement, or did I mess up elsewhere? Here is my code:

var user = prompt("You are strolling along a deserted alleyway in the shady side of town when you hear footsteps echoing behind yours. Do you : LOOK BEHIND, RUN, or CONTINUE STROLLING?").toLowerCase();
switch(user) {
case 'look behind' :
var choice = prompt("You look behind, expecting a masked murderer or something of that sort to be stalking you. However, that was not the case. Behind you is a small puppy, whimpering and pratically begging to be given a home. Do you : KICK THE PUPPY, TAKE THE PUPPY WITH YOU, or IGNORE THE PUPPY?").toLowerCase();
case 'run' :
var decision = prompt("Suspecting the worst, you run through the alley, not daring to look behind you in case it stops your momentum. You reach an abandoned mafia hangout. Do you: TAKE REFUGE, BURN THE BUILDING, or PRAY FOR DEAR MERCY?").toLowerCase();
case 'continue strolling' :
console.log("You continue strolling and the footsteps stop. You turn your head around and see nothing out of the ordinary. Turns out that you were just imagining things. Relieved, you continue your stroll, but you still feel like something is amiss. Do you : INVESTIGATE or GO HOME?").toLowerCase();
console.log("You try to " + user + ", but your attempts work to no avail. You hear the footsteps coming closer and closer. Suddenly, you hear a gunshot echoing throughout the alley and you black out, dead. BAD END");


You cannot use the toLowerCase() Method on a console.log()