Please Help! - Practice Makes Perfect


I am not understanding almost all of the "Practice Makes Perfect" section of learning Python. I know it may be a lot to ask but could some people help me out by explaining some of the lesson to me or linking me to a place that may help me understand. Thank you so much!

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The best advice I would give is doing a review of all the lessons in the past. :slight_smile:

Practice makes Perfect is a course that closely depicts how the real programming world is. no hints, no lessons, just knowledge and explanations.


This is my first programming language I have learned so it bad that I don't understand everything?


No it necessarily isn't just means you need to review and read things a bit more closely again. Practice Makes Perfect also makes you think outside the box a bit for different solution to one problem. Overall, it isn't exactly the easiest of the Python exercises. How about you just give them a try and then show us your code, instead of us doing it for you? Message me once you have tried the code for one of the exercises.


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