Please help on "Don't forget to close your <head> tag with a </head> tag! "


I don't know where is the error I just got the error that says "Don't forget to close your tag with a tag! "

<!DOCTYPE html>
<strong>My first website</strong>
<img src="" />
Introduction to the comonay


where is your <head> </head> tag ?


Okay that worked
sorry I am still a beginner and I am following the exercies
many thanks to you.


don't be sorry :slight_smile: go on.......................


That's really all that comes up? Here are all the problems I see:

Misspelled title
Missing <head> and <head> completely.

All of your tags should be lower case , not UPPERCASE.

And you can't have any tags inside your title tags, they don't work.


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