Please help my div class isn't working, what's wrong with my code?


<img src="//" width="666" height="500">



Hello i use Mozilla Fire Fox your results may differ from mine. Please post your full code. Place three back ticks (located above your tab key) at the beginning and end of your code. Or a screen shot when applicable as you have done. Thank you. BENJIS BUTTOCKS LOL and I never use that term. That is hilarious.


I have not even done this project. Is this the Pro course? I think that I am going to stick with my earlier question and statement. You have two closing divs the example only shows one. I recommend removal of the second ending div


I have 2 divs. 1 Nav and 1 container. They are above the ul


Yes I realize this I am going purely off of the example on the left they have only one closing div tag it might be worth removing your second closing div tag on line 17 to see if this attains your desired result.

3. Wrap with a div

Please post css also


Edit: Just looked at my stuff, you're stuff looks fine and should pass. Unless I'm missing something.

@mrjlopez there is no CSS to go with this part of the course yet. And this is in the Making a Website track, which should be free to all.


Oh ok thank you I will get started on that track then so I can be a more effective troubleshooter. Have you checked out the drawing with JS project and the Game making with html projects they are slightly hidden, but super cool. I have already requested they be given a prominent place on the course listing.


Honestly, I'm not sure. What I know for sure is that I've completed the HTML & CSS, Jquery, Make a Website, and Make an Interactive Website courses. So if it's in one of those, then I probably just forgot.


Hard to forget this one, did the example have a smiley face drawn in JS? I have also completed the html css course. Only 40% on JS though.:smiley: Also for stress relief I recommend the draw your name project. I thought that it was super cool.


Is the draw your name the one you do it with bubbles and it moves when your mouse gets near? If so, then yes I've done that one. I don't remember and smiley faces, but I did do most of this stuff about a year ago. So it's a little easier to forget.

@netslayer23166 the only thing different between yours and mine is spacing here and there. Here's mine:


Yes that would be the one. Also I didnt find a problem with his code either. After I duplicated it from his screenshot.


Update just completed this project. This is not very picky it passed without the two closing div tags FYI. I use Mozilla for my browser.


@netslayer23166, if you are still stuck on this, first try:

  • reload/refresh the web page

If that doesn't work, use the Reset Code button and paste your code back in.

After that, if you are still stuck, copy/paste your code in here so that we test it.

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