Please help me


Hello wanted to see if anyone help me solve this exercise, the only thing I need is to put the yellow've tried and I can not leave my exercise here aver that I need.


<! DOCTYPE html>
<link type = "text / css" rel = "stylesheet" href = "stylesheet.css" />
<title> I know Kung Fu (ie, CSS) </ title>
</ head>
<h3> What is CSS? </ h3>
<p> CSS used to style HTML pages </ p>
<h3> Why do you use it? </ h3>
<p> Because it makes the web pages will be <span> really spectacular </ span>. </ p>
<h3> What do I think? </ h3>
<p> I feel great! </ p>
</ div>
</ body>
</ html>


h3 {color: red}
p {font-family: Courier;}
spam {background-color: yellow;}


pls remove the spaces like so:

"text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="st

even in your span closing tag remove the spacing as well as all your other tags it should be <p> </p> no spacing