Please help me!

I help tried clearing my cache but I still can’t seems to update my profile…

Apparently the website keeps saying:
"Something has gone wrong
We’re sorry, we are working our best to fix this. In the mean time, have you tried following?

  • Refreshing this page.
  • Clearing your browser cache."

Are you trying to change your profile picture?
If so, what have you tried?

I also can’t change my username…

You can change both of these on the main site. Just type in your preferred username and upload a new image for your profile picture and then click ‘Update profile’. Once you’ve updated your information on the main site, log out of the forums, then log back in again after a few seconds, and it should show up.

Note: Your new username and picture should show up instantly on the device you changed them on, but the profile picture may take a while to update on other devices, but others should be able to see it, I’m not sure about the username though, as I have never changed mine.

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I’ve tried what you have said but it still doesn’t work… :sweat:

I’m sure @alexcommunitymgr would be happy to change it for you if you’re having problems.

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I would be happy to help. What username would you like instead? Also, what profile image? Have you tried updating it here on our forums under your account preferences?


Hi @alexcommunitymgr, it’s fine already, I’m able to change my profile image by using another image, thanks for your help anyway! :wink: