Please help me with this


I can't figure out what is wrong here.


I would refresh, everything looks fine.
Are you sure that that's the only thing you changed?


Position it to center top, not top center.


either one works fine, i tested


Kylea (@kyleaw),

You already passed the lesson then tested ? CC's new courses once you pass the lesson and you go back it will let you continue with any code, wrong or right.


I reset the exercise and tested it, and it gave me the green checkmarks, so I figured it was fine.


Yeah, unfortunately, unlike lets say the Javascript lessons right now where each lesson you can go back and test each code for that lesson as many times as you want to see if something works/doesn't/etc. in the newer programs the lessons are built to where once correct, its correct forever even if you mess the whole code up. I assume this was crafted for a reason that is for the better of all taking the lessons :smiley:


Even after resetting though? It resets the code and takes all your checkmarks away?
I'm going to go try to reset it and put something wrong in, and then put in top center.


Nvm....just found the reset button



Yep, you are right. It can be done! Never even really noticed that need help button with the option to reset the lesson like that. Note: You have to make immediate changes to the lesson or else you can get this as a passed lesson:

I reset the lesson didn't do anything came back to the lesson and the lesson was already checkmarked green again and no matter what I typed out I got it as passed. However, if you immediately start to work on it it is fine. That is great to know!


Yeah, the interface isn't my favorite, but it's alright.
I think that the person who needed help honestly just needs to refresh or post the rest of their code bc it looked fine.
P.S. Be proud of me that I took the Learn HTML and CSS course this weekend, you know I didn't want to lol. :stuck_out_tongue:


I am proud! You gave yourself a Christmas gift early xD See! It wasn't that bad :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah the interface is a little bugged but I would expect that with it being so new and all. And yes, @wilsonmajok it looks like if you reset or refresh it should pass as your code is correct. It might be that resetting the code and just repaste in the original code might fix your problems. If that doesn't work then play with some of the other bugged solutions like change to a different browser, change zoom to 100% 80% or 120%, etc.


didn't know you reset :wink:


Thanks, it surprisingly works.