Please help me with this query. Where am I GETTING WRONG?

update celebs
set twitter_handle=’@taylorswift13
where id = 4;
select * from celebs;

delete * from celebs
where twitter_handle IS NULL;

That looks fine to me. Maybe a typo on a column name? Where is this exercise?

It may just be a bug on the web page. I’ve had this happen to me and I just refreshed and resubmitted.

Delete all of the rows that have a NULL value in the twitter column. Above SELECT type

Pay attention to the correct order. In your code you are deleting all the rows at the end. You should delete the rows, and then selecting all columns of the table celebs.

Here how it should look like:

UPDATE celebs SET twitter_handle = '@taylorswift13' WHERE id = 4;

DELETE FROM celebs WHERE twitter_handle IS NULL;

SELECT * FROM celebs;

Thank you very much.

Why does SELECT * FROM celebs gave to be at the bottom?

Ok !! deu certo !! quando colocado dessa forma como mostrado a cima , funciona

I did that but it still come out as error for me

Don’t worry I figured it out. Sorry

Yes, getting error. couldn’t able to navigate further in 4th exercise :frowning:

CREATE TABLE celebs2 (id INTEGER, name TEXT, age INTEGER);
INSERT INTO celebs2 (id, name, age) VALUES (1, ‘Justin Bieber’, 21);
SELECT * FROM celebs2;

error: Do not remove the INSERT statement

Please help.