Please help me with 2

i cant understand what to do with int

Hi, @digitalace70996,

For Exercise 2, you do not need to include the term, int, in your code. You just need to place a value of int type between the parentheses. That would be a number without a decimal point.

There actually is a limit to how small or large an int can be in Java. It must be somewhere between -2147483648 and 2147483647. So, you have plenty of numbers from which to choose. :wink:

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i dont get this int …i type the number but still it doesnt work
can u make some fotos and send me plz it will be really kind of u thanks

Did you type the number between the parenthesis?

System.out.println(in here?);
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yeah im done with that…but now im in number 5 i mean how to equal the m variable number

I don’t know what you mean by this.

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im stuck in number 5 variable

Given this code:

int myNumber;

Is this the step that you are stuck at:

Set the int variable myNumber equal to the value 42
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thatd the one where im stuck

Since you want to set myNumber to be equal to something, first you type an equals sign, like this:

int myNumber =;

then you know that you want it to be equals to 42, so add that in, like this:

int myNumber = 42;

Do you see how that works now?

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can u show me an example i try it its not working sorry for asking many question

int myNumber =7; =42;

I just showed you the exact answer – I’m not sure what you mean by an example.

Don’t worry about lots of questions!

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