Please help me with 2


i cant understand what to do with int


Hi, @digitalace70996,

For Exercise 2, you do not need to include the term, int, in your code. You just need to place a value of int type between the parentheses. That would be a number without a decimal point.

There actually is a limit to how small or large an int can be in Java. It must be somewhere between -2147483648 and 2147483647. So, you have plenty of numbers from which to choose. :wink:


i dont get this int ..i type the number but still it doesnt work
can u make some fotos and send me plz it will be really kind of u thanks


Did you type the number between the parenthesis?

System.out.println(in here?);


yeah im done with that..but now im in number 5 i mean how to equal the m variable number


I don't know what you mean by this.


im stuck in number 5 variable


Given this code:

int myNumber;

Is this the step that you are stuck at:

Set the int variable myNumber equal to the value 42


thatd the one where im stuck


Since you want to set myNumber to be equal to something, first you type an equals sign, like this:

int myNumber =;

then you know that you want it to be equals to 42, so add that in, like this:

int myNumber = 42;

Do you see how that works now?


can u show me an example i try it its not working sorry for asking many question


int myNumber =7; =42;


I just showed you the exact answer -- I'm not sure what you mean by an example.

Don't worry about lots of questions!