Please help me with 16. And Now, For Something Completely Familiar


I just need a code. If you give me a code, please explain it.

Replace this line with your code.


Hi the isntruction aske you to...
01. On line 3, create the variable my_string and set it to any string you'd like.
Can you do it?
02. On line 4, print the length of my_string
Do you know how to print the lenght?
03. On line 5, print the .upper() case version of my_string.
CAn you do it?

In this leeson you just need to follow the instruction... try to do it yourself . if need help you should post your code so that we could help you ..


Why do you need a code? Just follow the instructions on whatever exercise you're on. No one can help you if you don't clarify on what you need.


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