Please help me to write a script

HI, I am a DIY lover from Montreal, CA. I came here to seek help with scripting a simple code. I don’t have a deep knowledge in programming and scripting . Now I need an expert advice and help on this matter.
Recently I got a DIY video for taking backups to remote location( The backbone of this tutorial a script that will take backup to a remote destination using FTP.
The problem with this is that every time a new backup is created it will overwrite the previous backup (the video itself says that this is not a good practice ).
I believe that we can rectify this by modifying the script file( that every time it create a new backup file with a new name).
I need help to create a script file which will name then new backups with a new filename so that we can avoid the file overwrites.
Hope My concern is clear and I will get a solution.

can we modify that .DAt file in such a way that it store the new backups in a different name

we can help you, we are not going to completely code it for you (well, i would like any programmer if i get paid)

can you include the DAT file?

personally, what i would do, is simply create a new folder every time you make a backup, simply name the folder on the FTP:


then just copy the files to this directory. assuming your back is not more then once a day, and it should be simply to create a new folder and name it with the help of timedate (there must be one)

if your backup is more frequent, simply include a timestamp in the folder as well

Yes, this is also a good idea, saving it in a folder with name of time-date. Kindly watch the video,Hope you will get a good idea after that than my bla bla explanation.

here is a good stackoverflow question, you can create a folder:

cd /your-directory/
for /f "tokens=1* delims=" %%a in ('date /T') do set datestr=%%a
mkdir %datestr%
cd %datestr%

now, that should be it. but i haven’t coded in CMD in ages. And i am not running windows, so i can’t test it. But this script is super basic, it should be easy to customize.

Also, they recommend not to do this (for good reason)

i would set up your own ftp server on a old laptop/computer, install linux on it, use sftp (secure file transference protocol) (ftp + ssh), much safer.

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Thank you very very much for your effort for me.